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Built for instructors & students alike.

We provide a large, secluded room and meals are catered based on dietary needs. Students have room to study together, and space to find some quiet alone time. The instructor can stay in the Main House, an oasis away from the students.

Workshops we've hosted


Yoga is an ancient tradition that connects mind, body and soul. Mats, blocks and pillows provided for a class size of 10.

Quantum Touch

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural energy healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

Breath Work

People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in.


Clearpath Crystals holds 3-4 classes every year with subject ranging from energetic chakra balancing to complicated fluorite spreads. For further info regarding the next available class you can text or email us.

Workshops aren't
just for work.

A great workshop leads students into meaningful work, but there's always time outside the classroom; we help facilitate using that time to rest and heal.